Chief Engineer

Job Summary and Purpose

The Chief Engineer Officer is the ship's technical manager and head of the maintenance team.


  • In collaboration with the Chief Officer, ensure the safe working practices of all personnel.
  • Oversee the efficient operation of all machinery and equipment for propulsion and hotel services.
  • Manage the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment for cargo handling and storage.
  • Implement correct procedures for equipment usage to comply with the Charterer's instructions.
  • Conduct routine checks, testing, maintenance, and repair of machinery and fittings, including tasks performed by the ETO/EEO/Electrician.
  • Maintain safety equipment.
  • Keep track of spare gear and central stores inventories and related documentation.
  • Update and control the Engine Information Book and associated records.
  • Manage bunker custody and execute anti-pollution measures.
  • Oversee the use of fresh, domestic, and distilled water.
  • Train Engineer and Marine Cadets and monitor their progress.
  • Delegate additional duties to other engineer officers onboard as necessary.
  • Follow lawful commands and duties delegated by the Master.
  • Reporting & Operating obligations as per FMM 1.3.9"as amended"


  • Budget Control
  • Bunkering operations
  • Understanding Charterers instructions, terminal and state requirements, port documentation
  • Cleaning and inspection of WHU and uptake fires
  • Effective communications with other nationalities
  • Knowledge of Crankshaft deflections, Alternator air gaps
  • Disciplinary procedures & processes
  • Diversity Awareness
  • Emergency procedures
  • Experience with cargo transfer operations (STS, Co-mingling, COW, Inert Gas, LNG discharge, emergency operations)
  • Multinational crew management
  • LNG Cargo planning arrangements
  • Boiler operations including flashing from cold, purge cycles, and testing
  • Function of AVR and Brushless excitation
  • Handling incompetent/difficult staff
  • Hazards associated with cargoes
  • HV experience and safety precautions
  • IG systems, Deck water seal, Fixed O2 analyzers and calibration
  • IMO conventions and requirements
  • Testing of Quick closing valves/ Fire flaps/ Emergency bilge suction / CO2 / FFA equipment
  • Intrinsically Safe/Explosion proof fittings
  • IT experience
  • LNG pumping systems and HV equipment
  • Newbuilds
  • Onboard Accounting procedures
  • Operation of cargo handling equipment and construction of tanks
  • Ordering & Purchase of victuals and stores
  • Personal safety, Ship safety & protection of the environment
  • Preparations for all surveys
  • PSC, SIRE, ISM, ISPS, and other industry inspections
  • PTW systems, ISM requirements, Risk assessment
  • Refit Experience
  • Reverse power trips
  • Reversing, Cylinder lubrication, Performance measuring
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Safety equipment
  • Steam driven cargo pumps, Frame systems
  • Steering Gear, Evaporators, Air compressors, Hotel Services and Fridge systems. Purifiers and Clarifiers
  • Team building - How to train and guide subordinates
  • Testing of boiler trips etc.
  • Written and spoken English to a high standard


Class 1

Key Result Areas

  • Interactions and Working Relations
  • Financial Authorities
  • Qualifications, Experience and Job Skills

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